Day - 10

July 12, 2018 17:36 UTC Team 101 Days of Summer (Servo) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today we started implementing the "select image source" algorithm. This algorithm calls as a function the algorithm which we just finished yesterday :P
- We realised we have many more functions and algorithms to implement before we can finally say to have completed the original algorithm implementation task.
- We learnt about using HashSets, which contains a HashMap with empty i.e. ( ) value. We tried implementing its different operations in our algorithm.
- The basic version of this algorithm is almost ready. We need to figure out some new borrow errors which have come up!
We are hopeful, we will be comfortable with borrows by the end of summers <3
- Paavini has been facing a different issue. Seems some of her files have been lost because she cleared some data because of low storage problem. She has deleted the target folder and is trying to build again.


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