Day 8: Getting to know babel-time-travel ☀️

July 11, 2018 18:09 UTC Team Sunshine (Babel) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

* Today, we had two calls; with Ana, a supervisor, and Henry, Brain, and lves, mentors.
* Our mentors set project planning and goals during RGSoC in more details.
* Currently, Ives and Brian are working for Sandpack PR to REPL and it is going to be integrated codesandbox even a blocker.
* The final goal would be to show a different view of output code: AST, output code, or time-travel which is a tool exploring various babel presets at once.

* Review code of current babel-time-travel from now on.
* Check console.log() the output, use as hardcoded data.
* After integrated, we can think about designing new UI’s.


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