Day 8

July 11, 2018 16:40 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Meeting the mentors

Today we flew into Brighton, England for a face-to-face meeting our mentor and a few other members of the Exercism team. As we described before, we had prepared an inception plan with our coaches, the objective being that we would come away with a clearer picture of what our role and responsibilities would be for the next three months. Our process is complicated by the crunch that they are involved in as they are on the cusp of launching the beta version of the platform.

We got our first chance to practice some of the of the techniques we are learning. It is an interesting experience. So far we have heard many ideas that are quite interesting on a conceptual level, but rather vague on an operational level -- the "how will I know it when I see it?" question that we faced back in the days when were were sociological researchers. But it is still early. While we have more questions than answers at this point we know we will have many conversations ahead of us in the next two days.

Our daily activities
* Meeting with the team to gain a better understanding of their pain points.
* Responding to mentor introductions on the Exercism Mentor Slack channel.
* Not relevant, but very important, there are vegan donuts in Brighton.


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