Day 7

July 10, 2018 21:20 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

The importance of soft skills

When we started this journey to becoming software developers we had a simple idea: we would talk to our mentor, develop requirements, learn some new technologies, and build something, Our skills would be measured with lines of code and GitHub commits. Oh how naive we were. We are learning that it is so much more.

In RGSoC a distinction is made between mentors and coaches and we are so fortunate to have both embodied in our coaches. They gently guide us on our path to becoming developers, modelling a form of communication, training and encouragement. Everyday they patiently explain concepts and gently guide us in Agile methods. Today, for example Maihka helped refine our inception plan and helped us see the how our assumptions about what the project needed was influencing our approach.

Our favorite non-tech things we learned today:
* Communication is paramount, with the stakeholders and between team members
* Listening is more important than implementing our "great" idea.

Our favorite technical knowledge we learned:
* Our coach David Ricordel, a certified Kubernetics Administrator, gave us a surprise lesson in Dockers!
* The bash command history will show the entire history of commands and CMD or CTRL r will allow us to reverse search

Tomorrow we are going to Brighton, England to meet with our mentors and the rest of the Exercism team. We are so excited and will let you know how our inception goes.


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