Day 6

July 9, 2018 20:15 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Advances and a minor setback

As we continue on our journey we are both amazed at what we have learned so far and a bit intimidated by how much there is to learn. If you recall from last week, we spent a great deal of time working on setting up our development environments as well as learning the finer points of git and GitHub, and agile development, essentials for working on large open source project. Today we spent some time going over what we learned and tried to finish up one of the issues assigned to us. We had a minor setback. One of the issues be thought we had completed turned out to require more steps that were not clear from the description written on GitHub. Tomorrow we will try to to solve the new problem and finally close the issue. Wish us luck!

Since we will be meeting our mentors face-to-face later this week in Brighton, England, today our focus was to prepare for those meetings. Our coaches Emilly and Jorge gave us a crash course in project inception, a method of clarifying the scope, prioritizing, concrete and actionable actions. We are looking forward to applying these methods .

Perhaps the best thing to come out of today was a chat we had on our break. As we mentioned earlier we are two of the organizers in the Barcelona chapter of codebar,io, an NGO that provides free coding workshops to groups underrepresented in tech. On our break we talked about some of our upcoming plans for the organization. Midway through the conversation we realized that we were already applying some of the things we have learned so far. In particular we talked about a need for a retrospective and the value of project owners. It's amazing that just after one week how much our perspective has shifted .


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