Day #6

July 9, 2018 19:05 UTC Team $we init (Probot: build your own GitHub app(s)) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

What we did

  • With our skeleton bot set, we were so inquisitive to experiment with it. We tried various things with it and made it respond to most events - from a comment on an issue to the creation of a PR. We analysed all the payloads that the bot responded with to have a clearer picture.
  • We explored deep into nlp-toolkit npm and had started to make our data set
  • We later found out that npm natural would be a better fit for our use case and began exploring that.
  • We had a full-fledged team call with all 10 members (including ourselves, all mentors, all coaches and the supervisor)
  • In the meet we discussed about our progress and were advised to not start with NLP but build a simple bot with string comparisons to start with. NLP could be an optimisation we can work on if time permits.
  • And yes, we sent out our blog post PR. Yay! :D

What we plan to do

  • With NLP being postponed for later, we hope to start quickly with the implementation of the bot.
  • We've chalked out incremental tasks to code the bot up and will get on it from tomorrow


  • With little knowledge about NLP, we were having a hard time understanding the flow of the NPMs inside out, but now we'll get straight to the implementation of the bot ! :D


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