Day Six - A day well spent!

July 9, 2018 17:42 UTC Team Sectumsempra (Chapel Parallel Programming Language) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Things achieved today

  • Submitted our very first blog post! In this we have shared our experience after the application process was over, and how amazed we were to finally get onboard! Also talked a little bit about ourselves and our team for this summer.

  • The last two days as well as today, have gone rather quickly, learning about various functions of the bigint module in Chapel, while documenting them.

  • We learned about the usage of a variety of functions like, divexact(), divisble_p(), fac(), fib(), tstbit(), clrbit(), setbit(), scan0(), scan1(), and many more such functions, a huge list! :P

Things to do

  • Some other functions remain, which we aim to complete by tomorrow, before our second call with our mentor and coaches! Hopefully, we will get done in time.
  • Delve a bit further into the world of parallel programming.

Hoping to learn some more until next time,
Team Sectumsempra


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