Day 5

July 6, 2018 18:28 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

The end of the first week

  • The day started off with our daily stand up. We reviewed the tasks that we finished yesterday, identified pending tasks that we need help with in order to resolve, and we prioritized items from the backlog.
  • Lori was able to install the project's version of ruby in a virtual environment and in the process learned more bash commands in Ubuntu environments. She managed to install the prototype codebase and we had a big celebration!
  • We researched what we need to do to complete the "Check all Prism settings" item by reading through all of the history on the issue and we looked for clues on how we might solve this item by looking at a pull request submitted by the user tushartyagi. We checked with Emily our coach to make sure that we understood the task, and should have it sorted by next week.
  • We had a quick meeting with Nacho who gave us some tips on how we might automate the adding mentor's process and learned more about rake files.
  • We started preparing the material we need for the blog post we need to submit on Monday.

Overall the week was great. It is hard to believe how quickly it passed. We learned alot this week, met some fantastic people and bonded with our coaches. Next week we will be going to Brighton to meet the Exercism team. We can't wait!


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