Day 5

July 6, 2018 16:31 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Eva and GTH
- Spent the morning reviewing Bahmni documentation (developer guide). Getting a better understanding of how Bahmni is built.
- Meeting with RGSoC Bahmni mentors and Bahmni contributors
- Went over the history of Bahmni:
Bahmni is a hospital management system based on OpenMRS - an open source, medical record system. Since it's inception in 2012, Bahmni is now being used in 29 countries around the world (predominantly Asia and Africa) and is designed for use in low resource settings. The primary contributor to Bahmni is Thoughtworks - both our Bahmni coaches work there as well!
- Talked about our task: We need to build a form for capturing data for a person with a functionality of converting persons to patients further down the line if needed. Ultimately, the form will be used both online and offline, so PWA (progressive web apps) might be something to look into.
- We've agreed to focus on building a standalone react app and think about deploying it and integrating it in the future
- The plan is to get more familiar with create-react-app
-EVA spent the rest of my day learning about RESTful APIs and have followed tutorials to build two Node.js APIs
-EVA also spent time getting better at using Postman for testing APIs
- EVA uploaded the two projects to GitHub and have added my first .gitignore file (note to self: must review all current reports for any vulnerabilities!)
- EVA talked to coach Rob: he's a React expert and we will be meeting him on Tuesday to discuss React basics and how we should approach our task. Coach Neil and coach Kalan will be there as well.
- GTH looked through the documentation of Bahmni and the developers installation of Bahmni. It was interesting to read about and look at the architecture diagram to try and make sense of the technology and where our app although independent would fit in, spring roadmap 2018 of Bahmni, UX Space and in particular user journeys which helped me alot.
- GTH looked at react scripts from SPA conference, read from notes of workshop universal development with react and chapters from fullstack react.
- GTH looked at resources that were recommended -

  • Plan for the weekend: write and publish the blog post for RGSoC + practice with create-react-app (the ultimate plan is to build a form!)


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