Day #4 - Team Brazilian Housewives coding

July 6, 2018 04:32 UTC Team Brazilian housewives coding (Public Lab) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Good night, everyone!

Our Progress:

Finally I have the code working 100% using a Virtual Machine! I was having a lot of trouble running the code on my mac... It seemed easier to try using Ubuntu and for now I'm not having any problems. We also learned a lot about using git for version control. Now we know the difference between clones, forks, branches... =) Our Issue was merged! o/ \o


Today we studied more of Git, reviewed the Public Lab general docs and started collecting info and reading the API docs. We also studied the Grape API docs and Swagger.

We are identifying the redundancies of the endpoints and commenting with one of our coaches, he suggested taking a look at the Factory method pattern It will help with our work for the next week!

We also wrote down questions to be discussed at the meeting we will have tomorrow morning with our coaches, mentor and supervisor! It’s good to see how we are already becoming somewhat familiar with the code.

Happy Friday!


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