Day 4

July 5, 2018 17:12 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Learning more everyday

  • We started the day with our daily standup. It was the first stand up attended by our internal and external coaches. During the standup, we had a small lesson on how to facilitate a standup and some of the important points that need to be covered.

  • After the standup, we read about rebasing and figured out what we need to do in order to close up the "merge mentor bios" item.

  • We also had a great short meeting with our coach Javier who helped us size the next issue of "checking the prism settings". He gave us a very useful tutorial on navigating and searching on GitHub and helped us figure out a strategy to solve this problem. We will spend the next day searching through the codebase for hints.

  • We tried to download the prototype codebase on our machines and came very close to installing it. There are some issues with npm that need to solve before some of the dependencies that are required are installed. We parked this issue for a while in order to research the problem.

  • We also forked the summer-of-code repo and tried to install Jekyll in order to upload our blog. We ran into some problems with the version of Ruby that we had installed. We didn't makage to install Jekyll, but did learn about Ruby environments.

  • In the afternoon we had a lesson on rebasing with our coach David that helped us further understand the issue with the conflict on the mentor's bios. The lesson was very fun and included a white board session, poetry, and lots of post its.

  • We had an impromptu invitation by our coach Klaus to present ourselves to the ThoughtWorks team. :)

  • Finally we ended the day catching up with Jorge another one of our coaches. We managed to solve the issue we had earlier with an old version of npm, and managed to install the exercism prototype codebase on our local machines. We exchanged a very enthusiastic high five to celebrate.

Our favorite learnings for the day:

  • How to navigate through a large repo on GitHub is a key learning that will help us throughout our career.

  • Non coding related but still important, the generosity of our coaches and our hosting company ThoughtWorks is beyond anything we expected. We were just happy with a workspace, but ended up with access to training that is invaluable.


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