Day 4 - Bahmni and Co-Learning

July 5, 2018 16:21 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Eva and GTH
- started the day meeting with our RGSoC supervisor Ramón (went over requirements and onboarding)
- spent the next 4 hours in the GirlsCode co-learning session: chatted about RGSoC with some other members, talked about diversity in tech and our recent conference
- Eva talked to GTH about React.js, discussion on states and props. Looks at various materials, diagrams to gain understanding. Maybe asking mentors and coaches for further clarification.
- Eva reviewed the Bahmni installation (still working!) and spent a moment being thankful that we are not using docker :)
- GTH Bahmni installation is not working it was working but found when trying to use link it was freezing machine.
- EVA and GTH reviewed the requirement that was posted on our project JIRA board - rather confusing, but luckily we are having a meeting with project mentors tomorrow
- EVA as part of the Bahmni requirement spent some time trying to learn Curl stuff and ended up using Postman instead (my command line skills need working!)
- GTH troubleshooted installation of Bahmni, as lots of bits of code were installed on macbook after installation. The firewall settings were temporarily turned off to see if this was causing the issue. A screen shot of the errors were taken, reading the documentation was used to try and find how to solve, as the machine was crashing, when doing "vagrant up" - it was coming up with the an error message "it was already provisioned" and "inconsistency between grain table and backup grain table". GTH found out as well as starting up the virtual environment it also provisions the server. Need to find out more about this. But I am now after 3 times of installation quite proficient in following bahmni's installation instructions. GTH doesn't like to have things not working and so continued to get to try and get working but set a deadline that if it wasn't solved by end of day the next step would be to contact mentors, copy the error message and email as the bahmni slack is full for uploading files on a free slack account. I installed Bahmni on another macbook as I think it maybe because my original macbook is a low specification and only has 4GB and the minimum specification is 8GB. This would account for the crashing. As this other macbook is not used for development it doesn't have any git, my preferred editor, or preferred tools for development. What I have learnt from this process is that when you go to conferences, workshops or are trialling experimental apps to do this on a "Test" machine and to have a "production" machine if this is possible.

Update: So Bahmni worked on another macbook with 8GB. Convinced it is a memory issue. So went on and found the answer I needed. So change the vagrant file to have 2048 (lower memory) and it works!!! YAY...will check with mentors tomorrow best way forward and consequences of lowering Bahmni memory usage. But so pleased...HURDLE ONE JUMPED! so what I have learnt is that I have another source of troubleshooting this product and it has all the history to help me. Will be on my list to go to for help for future problems.

Plan for tomorrow:
- meeting with Bahmni team
- review HTTP requests
- study Bahmni RESTful API specification
- EVA eat tacos (GTH prefers a burger or as it is Friday probably fish!)
- work on the blog post (to be published by Monday!)


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