Day #3 - Git and Docs

July 5, 2018 04:23 UTC Team Brazilian housewives coding (Public Lab) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Hi, everyone!

Today we set some time to study Git and study the docs. Our Issue from yesterday was approved by one reviewer, we are still waiting for another approval.

Next week we are going to work on refactoring the API's endpoints from Public Lab so we want to make sure we understand how the system work and how the API is designed. So today we:

  • Studied a little of Git
  • Camila configured a virtual machine in her computer
  • We started studying the Docs from Public Lab codebase. The major perk of working with Open Source projects is that they have really good documentation! =) Collecting and Reading a codebase is a good way to learn too. It is also good to improve the docs, not everything is clear enough, especially for beginners.
  • We also searched more about API, REST, Data objects

There was all for today, tomorrow we will continue our Docs studies and write more questions to discuss with our coaches and mentors. See you all tomorrow!



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