Day 3

July 4, 2018 18:34 UTC Team Barcelona Duo (Exercism) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

The Importance of Grooming

This week we are dividing our time between administrative tasks (learning agile methods) and working on the project. They are related. Getting our board setup and establishing our work routines will make this summer more productive, but it's not easy. Perhaps the most important thing we learned today was "grooming the backlog". It seems simple: look at the backlog and reassessing our priorities based on new knowledge. David, one of our external coaches, came in and walked us through our board to help us reassess our board, break it down into a clearer more functional tasks that will help us immensely in the coming weeks.

We left working yesterday feeling the pride of having made some commits to the exercism GitHub account. We had actually contributed to an open source project! But true learning comes when you run into problems. We had some merge conflicts and we (thought) we had identified the source. We were wrong. Our mentor kindly explained the source of our misunderstanding and suggested we "rebase". Good thing we have all of tomorrow to learn about rebasing. We are hopeful that we will be able to complete our task and close one of the issues that we have been assigned. We know being comfortable with GitHub will be critical in the months ahead.

The hardest thing about today was knowing when it was time to leave the office. We both know that rest and pace is important, but it remains one of our biggest challenges. How do you shut down shop and go home when there are so many cool things to learn and do?

Looking forward to tomorrow when we have a 9 am stand-up with our coaches. Three days ago we would have thought this was a comedy routine, now we know better.

The favorite things we learned today:
* Backlog grooming(refinement (
* Another acronym DSL (
* ThoughtWorks has vegan ice cream (not relevant to programming, but demonstrates their inclusive culture)


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