July 4, 2018 14:47 UTC Team potatoCode (stretchly - break time reminder app) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Beginning of the day:

  • Phone call with our mentor Jan

Roadmap for this Summer (first few tasks):

  • Translate Stretchly into your own language (Ro / Nl)
  • Is issue number 53 on the backlog, or have the opportunity to choose a black and white theme.
  • Jan likes to have an Easter Egg inside of the Stretchly app, a surprise for the users, cool feature.
  • A tool to move your eyes over the screen and stretch your eye muscles (might be a candidate for the Easter Egg)
  • Stretchly should have a history and timeline of the breaks. This includes to have a database locally.
  • Nice to have is a new logo (or SVG logo) because this logo is a png

During the project, we agreed to check with Jan if a direction we choose for a solution of an issue is his desired solution, before we go and build it. This also includes talks with Jan during building if we encounter difficulties and need to build stuff in another way than we first agreed to. Also when it is build we talk with Jan and check if this is how he imagined it to be. We will send Jan a pull request after finishing an issue.

Issues we noticed:

  • Potentially addinging a toggle for devtools
  • No way to minimize the window after you maximize it on Mac -Add more comments in the code as we go along to help other contributors (especially newbies!)
  • Check which tests are missing and we might still add
  • If one window is open on Mac (ex. the about window) but hidden from view, when a break pops up it overlays the already open window -- should we fix this or is this on purpose?

Things we worked on today:

  • Translation to Dutch
  • Most of the day was just reading code and trying to figure out what any of it means! -Phone calls with our mentors/supervisors/coaches


  • Don't have collaborator access to the project yet, so can't start contributing and making new branches, only creating issues and working locally -- which means we also can't synchronise our code together.

End of Day:

  • Phone call with our supervisor Ana Sofia


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