Day 3: Learn, learn, learn

July 4, 2018 14:41 UTC DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities


1) Create summary Meeting.(Violeta)
2) Install Linux Terminal on Windows (Diana)
3) Setup TODO app in slack (Diana)
4) Call with Lucas: Wednesday (Violeta) (notes will be shared with Diana)
5) Schedule weekly call with Lucas (V&D)
6) LEARN GIT RESOURCES: Github, Tower, FreeCodeCamp, Learn Enough, OshitGit, Hackernoon)
7) Create fake repo (RgSoc DVTeam) (Diana)

8) Finished JS summary in Google Drive (shared with Violeta)
9) Read about Common Mark
10) Had online meeting with Lucas (Violeta)
11) Cloned repo and installed dependencies on laptop (Violeta)
12) Talked to Tetiana about Ruby in Rails future implementation (Violeta)
13) Read about regular expressions (Violeta)
14) Reviewed git commands (Violeta)
15) Read more about regular expressions (Violeta)

FEELING: It is definitely needed to have a coach to start and stay on track and have small tasks to start with, but today we already felt less "lost in translation". Tomorrow will continue to practice Git.


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