Day 3 - SPA & Work from home

July 4, 2018 13:43 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Plan for the day: start learning React.js!

Eva: Still tired from conference-going and networking in the past two days, I've decided to stay at home and tackle some React.js tutorials. I find React quite challenging and difficult to follow, so after finishing the React intro course that was recommended by Ivo, our Bahmni coach - using React.js to do a tic-tac-toe game - I've started going through the book called Fullstack React. It's a great textbook, focused around building projects. Chapter 1 was building a voting app (Product Hunt clone), chapter 2 is building a timer.

Each chapter is building on top of the previous one and while I'm still struggling with many of the concepts, it's getting easier (maybe?). The plan for the day is to finish chapter 2. Tomorrow will be dedicated to reviewing Bahmni documentation.

GTH - last day at SPA Conference, building Universal Apps with React. This was a 2hrs 45 mins hands on workshop. There was a lot of code already done on GitHub to save time which would normally be a lot longer workshop. Practice of installing the setup files in a short pace of time, setting up local hosts to simulate servers, clone from GitHub, looking at different branches for updates. The tech that we used was react, node.js, redux and react router. Benefits of SEO and performance, maintenance and development (javascript) were given for this technology. It talked about testing the two states, when the user first comes to the app and then when there is any interaction in the app lifecycle. This was a very intense workshop for a beginner, also due to syntax error my local host stopped running which i then had to look through at what file and what line I had typed wrong and it turned out to be a very simple capitalisation in the name error. I managed to get the app running but i would need to go through in a lot more detail to understand connect, how to serialise and hydrate the data, redux dev tools, promises, jsx files,
I felt my knowledge of javascript helped especially when the double curly brackets were used I understood that they were calling a function and javascript, I have been getting used to and beginning to understand json, props, states, parent and child. I am finding it easier and quicker to jump from browser to terminal and using console.log to check on progress of my script. Although I feel there is still so much to learn it was good to see the development from end to end. From a learners perspective, there was a lot of assumed knowledge - it wasn't prescriptive in editor, npm or yarn, or even the method for github. I like using Visual Studio code and iTerm for console.

GTH then had lunch whilst networking with a developers from TES and talking about legacy code and learning IT in schools.

GTH attended a Teamwork workshop. It was based on theory of teams but also had real experiences from dev teams. Problems, what motivates individuals, teams and then the needs from the perspective of the business. It referred to Hertzberg hygiene factors, Maslow heirachy of needs, recommendations of books, and a discussion of other peoples experiences. This was useful for me to understand common dynamics of dev teams, expectations from different perspectives and how to work in a team consciously for a better outcome both in personal and business needs.

GTH then attended a keynote about should Dev teams be on call. It gave information about more companies doing so and the expectation it will be in new contracts. It discussed about burnout, giving first aid and not to find the root cause of the problem, authority to roll back to last known good or change something to patch up. It talked about being on call on a rota of 1 in 6 weeks as an ideal, the benefits would be to get feedback for the full life of the product from beginning until the product is discontinued. I found this interesting to the debate of resistance and the discussion of compensation and not necessarily just a higher reward.

GTH then networked with a few of the presenters. This is good to just find out what type of jobs they did, to explain about RGSoC and how someone's supervisor is an alumni of RGSoC. This was very nice to hear as it is well thought of. I made a lot of contacts and people were very keen to keep in contact via social media, LinkedIn. The SPA conference is small, friendly and lots of good workshops with other people that genuinely want you to progress from whatever level of developer you are beginner, junior, or senior.


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StellaMaris Njage, Jul 4, 2018 @ 18:11 UTC

Which resource are you using for React?