Day 2 - SPA Software in Practice

July 4, 2018 05:11 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Plan for day 2: Check communication channels - Slack, email and RGSoC APP. Agenda for SPA - continue talking to experienced software engineers, listen to their career stories and learning journeys.

Attend ‘What would YOU call this workshop and Other powerful questions by Tim Bourguignon, Mathema software GmbH and Amitai Schleier Latent Agility.
Attend Functional Programming beyond immutability - Duncan Mcgregor and Nat Pryce, Technemetis Ltd
Keynote by Jon Skeet
Internet of things with physical programming by Venus Bailey, Maisie Fernandes and Irene Lau from Government Digital Service. This will be followed by lightning talks and networking until 9pm. I am loving learning but it is very tiring. I hope I can keep up the pace, so my plan will be to rest on train when i can and reduce domestic chores to minimum (aka take out tonight!)

No new communication. Need to look at maybe checking at 8am, 12pm and 8pm??

Eva and GTH attended workshop on a powerful questions. This was really informative which went beyond open and closed.

Eva and GTH attend Functional programming. Pretty advanced talk with lots of buzzwords flying around: Lambda, mutability, side effects, pure functions - it was good to see that even experts were unclear on some of these. This was a less organised workshop and was very fluid with debates and culture issues surrounding functional programming compare to Object Oriented Programming. It was interesting to observe. One of the comments was that engineers struggling to UNLEARN ways that they used to do code.

Eva and GTH attended a keynote about art, craft and engineering. Parallels of art in painting, music and code. I loved the closing statement that diversity should not be tolerated. accepted but understand that it creates a harmony and makes better code.

Attended the IOT session using bbc microbit and python scripts. We looked at git hub repository for existing scripts to copy, adapt and download to device. It was interesting how they are using solutions from nature like fireflies to send signals to each other in a cluster of nodes to synchronise information. It was an interactive session that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Attended lightening talks on various topics like self healing, autonomous repairs, and then a fun tech guess the truth quiz. Whilst there I was talking to other program engineers from TES and her supervisor was an alumni of RGSoC, we also spoke to other engineers who recommended reading growing object oriented software guided by tests, and clean code by robert martin. It was also interesting to hear that confidence and making opportunities was part of the soft skills needed. We were also able to share about the project Bahmni and it is becoming easier and we are becoming more confident about what the project involves.

Learning on communication setup, I need to also check RGSoC - orga on slack as our mentor Ramon will be communicating via this channel. I have now setup notifications and my mobile app so that i can check messages quickly.


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