Day 2

July 3, 2018 17:00 UTC Team DelSquared [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Hi all!

We went through our roadmap for the next three weeks today, along with our mentors. We concluded that getting to know the Tessel repository in and out, should be the first thing on our minds.
So, in the first week, we plan to read up as much as we can. We aim to be thorough not only with our working group but also with open source contribution tips in order to implement our ideas effectively. We’re both new to open source and are really excited to explore.
To begin with, we started with the basics on We were able to run ‘blinky’ on our Tessel 2. We also started working on our blogs, for Tessel as well as for RGSoC.
We have our kick-off meeting with our mentors tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

Till we meet again,


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