Day 1

July 2, 2018 16:52 UTC Team DelSquared [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

And it finally begins! :D

Hi all!

We spent today familiarising ourselves with the Tessel repository, specifically the ‘Reach’ workgroup that we aim to focus on. We set up the CLI for Tessel 2 on our local machines. We further read through the documentation and looked into a few issues that we can start exploring.
The next in line for Reach is to establish communication between an ESP32 module and Tessel 2 using the I2C protocol. We read about the same and charted out our next steps. We already have a ‘Hello World’ program pushed onto the firmware of ESP32 and we tested it out again today, to start off the implementation of the I2C protocol on the hardware at the earliest.

Till we meet again,


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