Day 1 : First day of RGSoC ☀️

July 2, 2018 16:10 UTC Team Sunshine (Babel) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Goals for Week #1

  • Create new project repository
  • Install basic dependencies for react app and finish boilerplate code setup
  • Start simple team blog using GitHub pages
  • Setup weekly scheduling
  • Write a first blog post
  • Make a list of dependencies for project app

About our project

We are going to work on babel time travel with react.js based on previous repo built with vue.js.

What we did for today

  • Joined kick-off party video call
  • Appointed the time for the video call with Ana (Jul 4, 2018 7pm - 8pm (KST))
  • Discussed a consistent weekly schedule for project development
  • Set a place and time for a meeting
    • Everyday 6:00PM -10:00PM (UTC+9, KST) @ Gangnam
    • We will share our daily scrum meeting (what we did today and what will do for tomorrow) with a mentor at 10:00 PM.
    • Every Friday is sth crush day(e.g react-saga crush day) to learn something, do pair programming.
  • We are going to use the #RGSoCSunshine hashtag for social media!
  • Had a brainstorming session for Updates, additions, and improvements to help the previous project


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