First Day!!

July 2, 2018 14:32 UTC DV Team (LivingStyleGuide) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

So we begin!


  • Worked on the first blog post for RGSoC
  • Filled the gaps on Diana's summary of the SCRUM workshop we had on Friday
  • Checked out the npm packages Nico sent us + Lerna (tried to figure out what they do and how to use them)
  • Organized things a bit with Diana, communicated with Nico & Jen and coaches
  • Checked out the conference coming up this week (
  • Set up Medium (@dvteam) account, email and calendar to share with Diana and the rest of the team
  • Having the kick off call in an hour and a half!


Today I have done the following:

1) Read the RgSoc calendar (created and shared with mentors & coached by teammate V).
2) Write 1st Blog article - Send to teammate V to check.
3) Create summary of Scrum Workshop- attended with teammate V on friday 29th of June.
4) Subscribe to general Slack-channel Rails Girls SoC.
5) Attend Kick Off Meeting RgSoC at 18.00 PM


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