Day 1 - Team Girls Code MK

July 2, 2018 14:29 UTC Team GirlsCode MK (Bahmni) [2018]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Day 1 - Met with one of the coaches on way to SPA conference. Plan is to do pair programming and network with software engineers. Discuss the lack of diversity in tech and to observe software engineers.

Conference call with Ana-Sofia from RGSoC at 8am. Hoping to meet other teams.

Review - GTH - did AI and Machine learning from the perspective of the UX. As a small group of 4 we looked at the questions an AI Chatbot would ask and respond to for a travel application. This was useful in the way it looked at software development with the emphasis of involving the user and asking very careful designed questions.

Review - Eva - We did performance in regex, some regex can crash your website. The regex 101 debugger to spot inefficiencies. It shows you how many steps it took to complex the regex search. (And how you can improve the performance by modifying the regex)

GTH and EVA attended how to hack your app which OWASP. OWASP vulnerabilities such as SQL injections. We used ZAP tool to scan a broken app and identify vulnerabilities. We install virtual box and worked with linux commands, proxy settings and zap to do this in a controlled environment.

GTH and EVA listened to keynote speach by an african american woman who designed an app at 51 to help victims of domestic abuse.


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