Day 67 - Wrapping up..

September 30, 2017 18:24 UTC Team Fusion (OpenDF) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

So here ends the last working day of our RGSoC journey. It has been the most amazing and unforgettable summer of our lives so far. Throughout this summer we've been able to learn about many new things that are very important to us as developers. 😇 Today is not exactly the last day of RGSoC for us, it just the last working day. But tomorrow we'll be officially saying goodbye to our RGSoC family. It's gonna be emotional. 🤒 So today we could summerize about what we did and what we learned. 😊

Things we did today:

  • Finalized the points for our announcement for the end of RGSoC celebration. ✅ We are gonna open the announcement tonight!.
  • Summerized the tasks and the things we learned throughout the summer. ✅ It was a really interesting session.
  • Wrote our wrap up blog post for our own blog. ✅ And we hope to publish it tomorrow.
  • Discussed about the final changes made to our File Browser app, mainly focussing on the Redux part. ✅

Things to do tomorrow:

  • Have our final team call to say good bye.
  • Publish our wrap-up blog post for to our blog.
  • Start working on our application for the conference talk.

Last but not least, we would like to thank RGSoC team for giving us this amazing opportunity. It was really wonderful and we enjoyed being a part of it.

So it's a wrap.


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