Day 66 - Finalizing..

September 29, 2017 18:21 UTC Team Fusion (OpenDF) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today is the day before the final day for us.. So here we are finalizing our work.. 😊

Things we did today:

  • Finished implementing the reducer. ✅ Now we are done handling all the required actions.
  • Finalized the new changes made to the SearchView, testing the component with two new tests. ✅
  • Sent a mail to RubyConf Australia organizers asking about the required documents, for our visa application process. ✅
  • Planned our End of RGSoC celebration. ✅ 😌📝

Things to do tomorrow:

  • Discuss about our final changes to the app with our mentor.
  • Open an announcement on Github for our End of RGSoC celebration.
  • Summerize the tasks we did and things we learned throughout the summer.
  • Start writing our wrap up blog post for our own blog.


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