Last day - Week 12 (Sep 18 - Sep 22) Status Update #5

September 29, 2017 14:18 UTC Team 200 OK (coala) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today is our last day of RGSoC and we have been feeling really privileged to be accepted as a part of this program. We have learnt so much and grown tremendously through this summer. From getting code style and linting errors on our first PR to helping get others started with coala, we have truly come a long way. And in today's end of RGSoC celebration, we couldn't help tearing up a bit. We have been immensely thankful to Vidur and Tushar who have been extremely hands-on as coaches and have been unflinchingly supportive of us, even when we wrote bad code. A huge shoutout to Mayar our supervisor who has been our personal cheerleader for much of the summer and has never stopped short of encouraging us when we were feeling low, disappointed or burning out. Lastly, to each other without whom, this summer wouldn't have been half as much fun. We have pair-programmed, fought over tabs vs spaces, picked up each others' coding styles and been each others' biggest fans and worst critics. Also, a special mention to Lasse founder of coala and gitmate, who has been available whenever we reached out to him and is going to help us draft our talks at the upcoming conferences and help spread the word about coala and RGSoC.

Also, a heartfelt congratulations to the rest of the teams who we have connected to via meetups, blogs and on LinkedIn. You all are amazing, lovely talented women and we feel so thankful to have known and read your stories.

Team 200OK signs off!


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