A day of learnings.

July 22, 2015 00:52 UTC Team Fanxhe [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

The day has started with tests of our code in internet explorer , we tested that the help text for copying doesn’t appear if browser doesn’t support the copy functionality, and we did it. =)
When we finished it, our team had standup, and we defined the new tasks for today. After, we updated our pull-request description in GitHub https://github.com/livingstyleguide/livingstyleguide/pull/143, and we wrote to our mentor to communicate him that we finished the task and we had the pull-request ready for another review.

Also, this morning, we started to use the pomodoro technique.

We dedicated some time to do changes in the team blog, and we started to write the first blog-post about the task we finished today.
Finally, we studied in CodeSchool, while we wait for review from our mentor, and soon we will know if we can continue with the next task.


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