Day 55

September 20, 2017 14:03 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


-- put the next tasks into trello cards
-- updated the core app
-- installed mailcatcher
-- fixed the download function for the dropbox plugin
-- made a PR to the dropbox master
-- started fixing the nextcloud plugin
-- found some issues with the nextcloud plugin, because 1. the API doesn't give us a file_id and 2. there is no download method for the Ocman gem, only a share method
-- had interesting errors when running the downloadersController#index method in the nextcloud plugin: first run I got Net::ReadTimeout: Net::ReadTimeout, on the second Net::HTTPFatalError: 502 "Bad Gateway": /remote.php/webdav/localhost and on the third I got

You are setting a key that conflicts with a built-in method Hashie::Mash#size defined in Hash. This can cause unexpected behavior when accessing the key via as a property. You can still access the key via the #[] method.
Module::DelegationError: ActionController::RackDelegation#content_type delegated to @_response.content_type, but @_response is nil: #<DownloadersController:0x007f8bb4dd96a8 @_action_has_layout=true, @_routes=nil, @_headers={"Content-Type"=>"text/html"}, @_status=200, @_request=nil, @_response=nil, @_db_runtime=14.481000000000002>

-- created a baseclass for the downloader


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