Day 54

September 19, 2017 14:32 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • - installed mailcatcher in order to see if we are really executing the email job
  • - after fixing some bugs the emails got sent
  • - when we clicked the url in the email we needed to also provide a new show action and build a route for that
  • - after having the route and the show action the link worked but it still didnt download the file because we were only giving the flie_ide instead of the name
  • - so we memoized the name in the downloader and called it in the show action
  • - talked to our mentor about our issues and he gave us a few helpful tipps
  • - after a few fixes here and there the downloading worked very well
  • - talked about our presentation and how we want to structure it and split up the talking between us
  • - made a plan for the next few days and tasks
  • - talked again about our experience during the summer of code and about how we want to continue coding together afterwards


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