Week 10

September 14, 2017 22:28 UTC Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Heyaa People!

We feel really guilty not updating our logs, however between our college assignments, continuous evaluations and our scikit-image work, we are inundated and updating logs takes a backseat. So, we considered doing weekly updates instead. Let's jump into our rather productive week --
We learnt how to use a jupyter notebook(<3) and played with a few examples.Our mentors asked us to code in python3.5. However, both of us have python2.7 as our default python executable version and we couldn't change due to college work which mainly uses python2.7. So we had to figure out how to use our jupyter notebooks with python3.5. Our coaches kindly pointed us to something called virtual environments. For quite a while we were figuring out how to use virtual environments and what actually happens when we install one. We created a virtual environment for the scikit-image local git repository with python3 and all the needed modules were installed using pip3(phew!). We really liked both the tools that we learnt this week. Virtual environments are really cool! and jupyter notebooks just make work sooo easy :D

Woah, so much to write for a week(phew!) Catch you next week!


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