Day #56 - Breakthrough!!

September 14, 2017 18:15 UTC Team 276linesofCode (Tessel) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


So, today after gaining all the knowledge from what we had read up yesterday, we sat together implementing all the steps one by one. We had to first ssh into Tessel. This process was successful in the first attempt. We then had install several packages for enabling the 3G dongle support. While doing so, some packages got installed in the first go but one of them was causing some problem. So, we approached the Tessel Community on their Github Repository itself. Since, we couldn't proceed further because the installation failed at the last step, we sent the rest of our time figuring out the possible error that could have been occurring.

By the end of the day, we got an answer on the query raised by us bu one of the Tessel Steering Committee members. He suggested that we check the wifi connections to our Tessel board.

Tomorrow, we have decided to consider looking at the wifi connection for Tessel once to rectify the problem.

Till then, Adios.


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