Day 7

July 21, 2015 14:21 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

The day started out early again: We had another 8am Ruby session with coach Anastasia to go through some of the questions we had from working through our tutorial (in which we're slowly approaching the end!). She shed some more light on classes, modules and structs, which was helpful.

There were a few more useful meetings: Our weekly catch-up with our supervisor Adam and our daily standup, in which we made some plans on how to put together a good roadmap over the next days and have a few more study sessions with our coaches, to make sure our summer of code ends up productive.

(Anke:) I also attended a ThoughtWork team's retrospective meeting to get ideas on how to run ours in the future. My main takeaways: It was very clearly structured and made sure to collect input from the entire group about what went well and what could be improved, and condense it all into action items.

There was also a lesson learned yesterday evening: GitHub is very forgiving about markdown errors but the Rails Girls SoC blog will expose them without mercy. So even though we had triple-checked our submission, we had to quickly correct our links when our first blog post when online. Hey, some git practice is always good! :) And it was great to make our official team introduction on the blog.

(Anke:) I tinkered with my Rails installation because after setting up something else, the LEAP web app would no longer start. It's working now, and I also learned that the browser cache can do odd things with storing one app's CSS file and then applying it to the next app you open, making it look... odd.

Well, and of course there is always our online tutorial, which has now also taught us about hashes. Lots of new things there and shortcuts and tricks to be picked up on the side. We'll see if we will remember it all when we actually use our Ruby knowledge out in the wild! :)

Busy day (or maybe just a wordy one?). We also entered the conference ticket raffle and are now finding it very hard to type while keeping all available fingers crossed so that we may end up in Dortmund or Potsdam soon... and we have mysterious Twitter issues: We can no longer post tweets without any obvious error messages. Which may be why all our communicative energy went into the daily log today.


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