Day 54 - All about Blogging..

September 13, 2017 18:29 UTC Team Fusion (OpenDF) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Since tomorrow is the publish date for our 2nd (final) blog post, today we focused more on the post. 😅 So this is how it all went..

Things we did today:

  • Did the formatting and added the media contents in our blog post. ✅ Eventhough we finished writing the story.., we still have to colour it up.. 💅
  • Added the search bar to the file browser to control both TreeView and DetailView components. ✅
  • Created a new video clip to add to the blog post as a gif. ✅
  • Wrote a new blog post to our own blog, so we can publish both the blog posts together. ✅
  • Worked on this week's tasks for Hacktitude competition. ✅

Things to do tomorrow:

  • Send the blog post draft to our supervisor.
  • Send a PR for our blog post.
  • Test the search field tokenizer of the search bar.


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