Day 53 Pivotal London

September 13, 2017 15:24 UTC Team Pivotal London (Babel) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Resolution of an ongoing side issue: Kara pushed some changes on the Sunday before last (before leaving for the conferences) to the codemod to remove unused catch binding ( Unexpectedly, the continuous integration tests failed! This was surprising as the rebase to master had gone smoothly and I had no problem building and running the tests locally on my own machine. But, it was time to soon leave and I figured I would speak to the wonderful Pivotal mentors in a week's time. 8 days later, on Monday, the problem persisted, despite pushing up a freshly rebased branch (again, which had no problems locally). Our fantastic Pivotal mentors ❤️ spent an hour with us on Monday discussing continuous integration (because, really, it's when things go wrong with continuous integration tools that you are forced to recognise how little you know about them), and that was a fantastic learning experience. Our mentors finished the session with the (correct) advice that we should message the Babel slack channels , but I always find doing so to be quite intimidating (😂). Finally, l worked up the courage to leave a message in the summer of code slack channel and in less than 10 minutes received an incredibly kind and helpful response from a Babel community member. Basically, I needed to rebuild on circleCI without the dependencies cached, but I didn't have permissions to do so. A core Babel member stepped in and did so for me (yay!) and the problem was solved. Of course, I was happy to tell our Pivotal mentors the next day that the problem was resolved and got the following reply (I love supportive messaging!):


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