Day 58

September 12, 2017 20:23 UTC Team NK42 (Foodsaving and Foodsharing) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today we practised python syntax with Derek (list comprehension, doing magic with range() and map() etc.) and tried to solve some small tasks by ourself afterwards, for example:
# make a list in range 100, just every 7 number, just even numbers, return as string
[i for i in range(100) if (i%7)==0 and (i%2)==0]).

We also joined a online meetup with other RailsGirls teams and organisers from all over the world and did some organisation for the talks we will give in the next weeks.

The foodsavers changed the name of the repos (foodsaving-backend -> karrot-backend / foodsaving-frontend -> karrot-frontend). So Ines changed the links and descriptions in the beginners guide. She also added some information about Serializers and how to use Docker.

Marie worked on algorithms again and covered these topics: Prefix Sum, Sorting, Stacks & Queues, Leader, Maximum Slice Problem, Prime and composite numbers, Euclidean algorithms. She wrote them in terminal, tried to understand (90% of understanding) and modify them. Now, she has to learn how to test them and how to come up with the formula for any algorithm she needs to solve.


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