Day 45

September 6, 2017 15:05 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Merged eviltrout's ember structure into our dev branch.
Created a layout for our download feature.
Read about => arrow function in ES6
Watched a tutorial: Connecting Ember with the Rails API
Wrote a download action in the ember controller
Created an ember model for the backups and tried to make it work // Deleted the model because we don't need it
Connected the button in the template for each file to an ember download action, it passes its :file_id


  • talked to Jen about her changes and how we want to use the ember action to create the download link
  • read 2 articles: first about I18n and second about the difference of the PUTand POST verbs in a create action
  • changed the initialized argument for the downloader to backup
  • looked at the BackupController od Discourse and read about the MessageBus gem
  • had problems finding a task to work on since we didnt talk about a plan on what to further work on


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