Day 44

September 5, 2017 14:46 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Pulled dev to my downloader branch.
Looked through the specs of the core backups controller.
Read the Action Controller guide.
Cloned eviltrout's branch with the Ember routing and templates sampling, but I get a 304 response when trying to access the url in the browser.
Looked through Discourse ember-related core code, tried unsuccessfully to display the Ember for our json list.


  • ran the tests for the googledrive plugin and changed some small things in order to get them green
  • pushed changes to github
  • ran the tests in the nextcloud plugin and had the routes fail, because they still had the old names
  • after changing their names I got failures concerning the url request
  • looked over failing tests together with Jen and coach
  • commented the requires_plugin line out in the controller, cause it was raising errors in the tests
  • had the tests go green
  • still had problems displaying the json file in the ember view
  • added some tests in the downloaderscontrollerspec but didn't get them to work
  • pushed my changes to a github branch in order to document my journey codewise
  • fixed some of the ember view issues with our mentor, but still had problems displaying our files
  • fixed displaying something that looks like files and are able to work from there
  • got some good advice on how to deal with frustration from our mentor
  • closed the work with a good feeling


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