Day 42

September 1, 2017 14:49 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Updated the Dropbox plugin to fix a bug someone mentioned in meta.discourse
Read more about working with directories and files from Rails
Researched and read about .tap method again
Looked into Discourse core code related to backups again
Realised that we don't need the .tap method I've wrote which gave an url to the file, and deleted it. Instead, the url to download the file comes from the #show method .
Wrote #show and #email methods, and routes for them


  • looked at jens changes on the dropbox plugin master
  • tried to build a view with ember for nextcloud and for googledrive and STILL had the same issues
  • wrote tests for the nextcloud downloader and learned about stubbing a http-request
  • got the tests run green
  • updated the discourse app and the other plugin branches
  • had a talk with Jen and our mentor
  • was releaved to hear that the ember issues are a gnarly thing and that our mentor will help us with a new example and a nice documentation


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