Finishing up some business

July 20, 2015 19:08 UTC Team Cheesy [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Roos: After a weekend recap with Maud, I finished up some business to be able to start fresh with Milestone 2 in a few days. Fought a bit with relative and absolute positioning in CSS, wrappers, responsiveness, trying to debug my new restructuring of the styles and folders of the app. Hopefully the new look will be up soon!
Maud: Did you see you can browse pages now (e.g. in the Community tab)? My pagination PR was merged today! And then I found a bug :-)
Spent some time on trying to solve the bug. I thought it was a simple thingy, but hey, it learned me a few new things.
I really need more muscle flexing (as coach André would say) on RSpec. So I followed a tut @ CodeSchool, created an empty sandbox app, and ended the day with a Green-false_Green-Red-Green-Refactor cycle of my first ever RSpec test. Me happy!


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