Day 41

August 31, 2017 14:44 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Our plugin stores backups in Google Drive using a service account. Service accounts belong to the application, so they don't allow accessing files in the browser. The user can't retrieve files from there directly.
For our next task we are building an API that downloads the file from drive to Discourse, and when it's ready, send an email with an url to download from Discourse directly.

Read about upload/download actions in Rails.
Read about IO and Tempfile.
Looked at the backup-related source code of Discourse.
Learnt about writing methods that create directories and files. Played around with it in the console.
Created a download method that downloads the files from Google Drive to the backups folder of Discourse.
Created a tap method that gives properties to the original downloaded object to serve it with a public url.


  • continued to build a frontend for the nextcloud plugin downloader in order to be able to try out a real case scenario
  • fixed a bug in the dropbox plugin and commented that on meta
  • looked into the download method to the server
  • pulled from googledrive dev
  • updated discourse fork


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