Day 41 & Day 42

August 31, 2017 09:43 UTC Team Serv0101 (Servo) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Things we did:
* Neha resolved most of the issue of srcset algorithm and her test cases is passing perfectly.
* We both left with few test cases and we are hoping that our both PR will merge soon.

Things we learned :
Neha learnt one thing about git while rebasing.
While rebasing if you rebase the merge commit also then, there are chances that all the commit inside that merge commit will open and get overlap on your commit.
And you are not able to see you commit at HEAD
So to get back your commit do this:
user@ae4320e553db:~/servo (parseSrcset) $ git reflog
SHA1 HEAD@{12}: otherusercommitmessage
SHA2 HEAD@{13}: other
SHA3 HEAD@{14}: other
SHA34 HEAD@{120}: your
SHA35 HEAD@{121}: yourcommitmessage2
SHA36 HEAD@{122}: your

find your commit message and copy SHA of that commit. Now suppose your SHA is SHA34

user@ae4320e553db:~/servo (parseSrcset) $ git checkout SHA34
user@ae4320e553db:~/servo ((SHA34)) $ git checkout -b srcset [This will lead you to a new branch]
user@ae4320e553db:~/servo (srcset) $ git log --oneline
SHA34 (HEAD -> srcset, origin/parseSrcset) yourcommitmessage1
SHA35 your
SHA36 yourcommitmessage_3

Now you see your commit on head Next step is to delete the old branch where you messed up thing and move your current branch to new branch
user@ae4320e553db:~/servo (srcset) $ git branch -D parseSrcset
user@ae4320e553db:~/servo (srcset) $ git branch -m parseSrcset
user@ae4320e553db:~/servo (parseSrcset) $
You are done now.

Thanks to our coach Ravi who helped me to get out of this.


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