Day #45 - Finally an issue!

August 30, 2017 17:08 UTC Team 276linesofCode (Tessel) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


So today, both of us finally decided to up our game and start working on an issue in the Command Line interface - "t2-cli". The issue is # 254 where one of the tessel steering members has wonderfully answered our query, which can help us jumpstart the issue. The issue has two major goals -
1. Send the compressed binary to T2 instead of downloading from a server, decompressing it, then transferring it. Would make USB-only updating much more tolerable.
2. Update the SAMD21 firmware from the T2 (that way it doesn't have to be USB connected).
We've started going through the previous codes that have implemented the earlier version. It's quite a tricky task and we would love to get our hands dirty with it.

Till then, Adios.


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