Day 32

August 15, 2017 15:48 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Created a new discourse-sync-to-box plugin that enables backups to

Pulled Kaja's changes from Nextcloud plugin repo and tried to initiate it. I've had to add more gem dependencies of the main gem (ocman) because the server wouldn't start. The gems of the plugins in Discourse are installed when you do rails s for the first time, but for it to work properly you must add manually all the dependencies in plugin.rb. To check the dependencies of a gem, you can run gem dependency nameofthegem -R in your Terminal. You must have the main gem installed first.

When the server started, I found out that all the translations of the page were broken (the variable was showing instead the value). I've accepted two PRs this morning for translations without testing first :p so I had to fix that. The issue was regarding a yml file, yml files are very sensitive to formatting/spacing.

Created an account in one of the free providers in Nextcloud. I've used a different one from Kaja's choice to test if our plugin would work no matter which provider you choose in Nextcloud. It worked, wohoo!

However, the plugin wasn't deleting old files. The old code was throwing an error in the console:

[11] pry(main)> trash.each {|d| path = "/#{folder_name}/" + d[:path].split(folder_name)[1]; Ocman.delete(path)}
TypeError: no implicit conversion of nil into String

The Nextcloud object looks like this:
{"path"=>"discourse-2017-08-15-171900-v20170731030330.sql.gz", "type"=>"file", "size"=>12435035}.

So the key of the actual name of the file is "path". The gem deletes files using the full path, so to fix the method I just put the full path using string interpolation: old_files = "/#{folder_name}/#{f.path}" ; Ocman.delete(old_files).


  • reviewed our post about the new plugins on meta with sam
  • renamed the skydrive-plugin into onedrive, after realizing that skydrive is the old version
  • talked to Jen about our last and next steps
  • read the github notifications. people started contributing to our plugins with translations for the frontend into different languages
  • researched a looooong time for other providers but they either had no/bad gems/documentations or my credit card number was required to opne an account
  • read the api for the onedrive authentication, but didn't understand it at all, cause it is very complicated
  • tried to register as a speaker for the nextcloud conference
  • read the history of how our dear mentor started with Discourse


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