A session of sha sha sha with a pinch of salt and cookies

July 17, 2015 21:37 UTC Team DEIGirls [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

On this hot Friday the day started with a call with one of our coaches, who helped us figure out what was wrong with our sessions (sessions are magic I tell 'ya!). Then we had a call with a mentor and a coach, where we got our next assignments (learn css and assets stuff, and improve our knowledge of TDD) and we were videobombed by an awesome random Australian guy (we love you dude!). We also dabbled in the world of security, trying to figure out the best way to encrypt our passwords (sha + salt or bcrypt - we went with the latter).
We also had a very cookie talk with our magnificent and awesome supervisor :D

(Yes, I know the dance style is cha cha cha and I very much enjoy dancing it. Almost as much as eating cookies.)


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