Day 34

August 11, 2017 17:26 UTC Team NK42 (Foodsaving and Foodsharing) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

In the morning, we had to fix our merge conflict with the branch origin/master. This github documentation helped us to solve our merge conflict and it surprisingly worked :) Then, we worked on the tests and decided to write a positive test that enables to give a feedback as a user that is signed-up and joined a pickup. We worked on this with Derek and this test worked. Derek helped us to better understand field validation in serializers and we added additional validation for our field 'about'. This worked but we do not have a test for it :)

We had a meeting with Daniel about Agile and Scrum techniques and talked about stories, story points, pitfalls, long meetings vs. direct coding and roles (UX, Scrum Master, Product Owner, QA, UX, Developer, Business Analyst) in agile IT team. He also talked about different types of meeting: planning, better definition of planning, kick-offs and risks while building a product.

Then we had a meeting with Derek and Daniel, made a plan for Monday/Weekend and updated our Trello board - we will finish our 7th chapter of Django REST Tutorial, look at basic OOP concepts and Marie will have a meeting with Daniel on Monday about Docker.

In the end, we had a catch-up meeting with Duana and talked about what we have done in the last 6 weeks.


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