Day 29

August 10, 2017 16:15 UTC Team Code Bears (diaspora*) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We continued our struggle with the issue, here is the summery of our it:
We’re not sure what is the best way to display the answer the user voted for in the template. We get all the data in the Poll JS model, but we don’t really know what would be the best way to go from there to displaying it in the template.
Other then struggling we:
* Kept watching the front end related tutorials ans digging in the code with our coaches. We are still at the same point but we understand a bit better what is going on.
* Kept refactoring the back-end methods and now they look really nice.
* Had a very nice meeting with another team that worked on diaspora over SoC 3 years ago. We got some good tips and a lot of encouragement. It was very necessary after this long week of struggling :)


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