day 29

August 10, 2017 15:33 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


looked at the github notifications and answered comments
looked at the nextcloud website and created a team account for INDIE CLOUD as a new backup provider
looked at the ocman gem and installed it and added it to the plugin.rb of our sync-to-nextcloud plugin
tried to create a synchronizer for nextcloud using the ocman API but didn't understand the authorization yet
started building the nextcloud sync and uploading and deleting our first files and folders to indie cloud
pushed first methods to github
ordered pizza for team meeting


worked on the deleteoldfiles method in Dropbox. It was deleting the last backup sent to Dropbox instead the oldest one. I’ve fixed it using .reverse! Because we send one backup at a time to the synchronizer, the delete method was also called each time. It was going through a process of deleting the last file every time we sent one backup, and uploading a file that was already before in dropbox but was deleted by the last backup job. Fixed this moving the delete method to the Job outside the loop, so it only executes once.
sent a PR to Falco with the new synchronizer
worked on the Google Drive plugin: moved the delete method to the Jobs like with the dropbox plugin // fixed the upload unique files mapping by filename. Created a createfolder method. Connected all together @___@ sent a PR.


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