Day 28

August 9, 2017 15:10 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • looked for the error that our mentor had when trying the plugin.
  • found a problem for the case that there are still no files or folders in the drive account
  • fixed it by adding unless session.collection_by_title(folder_name) as a condition to the unique-upload and remove-old-files
  • pushed changes to github for review
  • refactored changes
  • tried out the refactored code for any kind of case (existing files and folders, non-existing files and folders in drive)
  • refactored code worked
  • pushed refactored code to github and made a pull request to dev
  • informed Jen about changes
  • considered wrapping the protected methods into their own testable classes in order to write tests
  • read about procs, blocks and lamdas
  • talked to coach about the lamda calculus
  • changed the delete-path argument in the dropbox synchronizer and pushed it to github
  • made a pull request for that change


  • Finished a lesson about arrays in JS and learnt how to access and loop through elements in 2 dimensional arrays. I practiced solving challenges. Compared how to deal with 2D arrays in JS vs Ruby and was happy to find big similarities :)
  • Looked into Kaja's PR to our dropbox plugin but I cannot reproduce the error she's sending the patch for, and I'm getting an error with her patch, so we need to look into it together tomorrow.
  • Looked into Kaja's changes in the google drive plugin and the code looks very nice refactored! I have to test it tomorrow.


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