Day 27

August 9, 2017 05:49 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • changed the remove method for google drive
  • looked into the dropbox API and tried to use it in the rails console
  • tried to do a backup to dropbox manually in the frontend
  • reviewed Jens changes on github
  • pair programming with Jen
  • talked to our project mentor on the issue of creating a new gem for nextcloud
  • thought about a delete old files method for dropbox

- Deleted the issue I've opened in the google drive gem because the issue was related to the internet connection and not to the gem :D
- Looked into Kaja's delete method code properly. We compared both ways to delete files inside google drive and understood what was going on. We deleted the :&map from Kaja's code and it looked more direct and beautiful, and works like charm! we've integrated it into master and our google drive plugin shines more now ; )
- Worked on pair programming with Kaja and added new methods to our google drive and dropbox plugins.
- Sent our google drive plugin to review to our project mentor


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