Day 13 GirlsCodersWarsaw (RubyClerks)

July 17, 2015 14:20 UTC Team GirlsCodersWarsaw [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Hangout with our supervisor, Magda, always gives us a lot of positive energy!

Anna: A few merges done. I finally completed two features, fixing all bugs in my training app (as far) and merge it to my develop branch on git. Learned by previous experience I didn’t merge anything by myself in order not to delete anything. So the merge is done and work’s on. But I guess I should learn more about using git. Started installing devise gem for authorisation logging in, but it’s not as simple as it would look like, unfortunately. I also learned how to solve merge conflicts.

Basia: I had to learn more about setters and getters, and attribute accessors. And a little bit reading about ruby methods, to know which one I should use to specific class. My service object isn’t complete yet.

Happy weekend! See you on Monday! :)


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